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Here is the story behind Season 4 and some Characters.


Season 4 of Digimon is set to debut on April 7th for certain. The tentative title of Digimon Scanners has been changed to Digimon Frontier. There will be 5 characters, 4 boys and a girl. It is said that the kids will scan Digimon cards, giving them the ability to transform into those Digimon! It's unknown as of yet how they'll do this or what limits will be placed on their transformations. Following is all the info available on them at the time. Names are given in Japanese order, last name first.

  Kanbara Takuya (_): Male. 5th grade. A typical goggle boy. This cheerful, energetic 5th grader has a strong sense of justice. He's very athletic and is a member of the soccer club. He's hot-blooded and tends to act before he thinks, and because of that often has conflicts with his friends...!!

  Minamoto Kouji (P): Male. 5th grade. A loner. This cool 5th grader is a bit of a lonewolf. His father's circumstances have caused him to change schools many times, and because of this he's not very good at making friends. But when his friends are in a pinch, he'll rush to help them without even thinking of the danger he's putting himself in!

  Shibayama Junpei (R): Male. 6th grade. A kind, fat boy. A cool-headed and watchful 6th grader who likes fortunetelling with playing cards. He's not very good at studying, but he's very knowlegable about various things like trains, stamps, and cards!


  Orimoto Izumi (D{): Female. 5th grade. She used to live in Italy. This 5th grader has just returned from living in Italy for two years. She speaks her mind freely and appears to be very strong, but she's really looking for true friends!

  Nagami Yuuki (XF): Male. 3rd grade. A computer expert. This 3rd grader tends to rely on others a lot. His older brother never played with him, so instead he played on the computer all the time. He's a little cowardly, but he's very genuine and open about expressing his feelings!

New form: Hybrid(Higher than Mega)
New attribute: Variable
New evolution system that uses "Spirit".
New cards contain bar codes
The Digivice: D-Scan

Five children wander into the Digital World. There they meet the Digimon, gain the "Spirits" and become involved with a fierce battle!!
-The legendary "Spirits" protect the Digital World! Takuya and the other children inherited their strong power and are able to change into the legendary Digimon!!
-Long ago the legendary "Ancient Digimon" protected the Digital World. Takato and the others use their power to evolve into Digimon!!
-The Digital World was in danger of perishing. A world governed by the 3 Great Angel Digimon. But one of them, Cherubimon, revolted. The balance of the Digital World was destroyed, and it began to disintegrate. The 10 legendary warriors who in ancient times had saved the Digital World in exchange for their own lives no longer existed. In this most dangerous time, the spirits of the legendary warriors are presenting a new power to the children of a different world...the real world. The heroes, Takuya and the others, entered the Digital World and themselves became Digimon, embarking on a journey of battle and adventure!!

Thanks to Megchan.


Digimon Names: The following names were quick translations and may not be entirly correct
- Agnimon (confirmed)
- Chuckmon
- Wolfmon
- Blitzmon
- Pheranimon
Other Bits of Info/Rumors:
* The Main Characters can change into Digimon (confirmed)
- They scan new digimon data (possibly by card or digivice) and they change their body to scanned digimon.
* Possibly the story of the very first digidestined (Rumor..FALSE)
* New Digivice called D-Scan Digivice (confirmed
* New level higher than Mega called Hybrid
* New Digivolving system called Spirit
* New attribute called Variable
* Three (3) Boss Digimon
* Five (5) Hero Digimon
* Possiblity of Seraphimon and Ophanimon apearning (angel digimon)
* Cherubimon (Virus Type) was 1 of 3 digimon that goverened the Digiworld