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This is where you will find what some Digimon words mean.

Attributtes ~~ Ablities or skills that all digimon have. These are either present already, learned, or gained through defeating other digimon.

Black Gears and Cables~~Control good digimon, making them evil. The digimon then can be controlled by whomever sent them.

Champion~~A stage in a digimon's life that can be achieved using only a digivice.

Crests~~A charm with an inscriptionon it that stands for a trait, eg. courage. This trait must be presented in order for the digimon to digivolve to the ultimate level.

Dark Network~~Etemon's power cables that allowed him to use his 'Concert Crush' attack. It uses high amounts of electricity to wreck havoc on enemies.

Data~~Type of digimon that help other data and vaccine digimon.

De-digivolve~~The act of a digimon digivolving backward. This means they are either to weak to stay in present form or have used up their energy and must rest and restart.

Digiegg~~(1)A multicolored egg which holds a digimon before it becomes a baby digimon. (2)The digieggs are used for digimon in rookie form to armor digivolve into a level between champion and ultimate.

Digimon~~A digital monster that has atributtes.

Digivice~~A little divice the size of a fist which is technologically advanced that can help a digimon digivolve. It also has the power to make digimon good or nice as well as destroy black gears.

Digivolve~~When a digimon's partner is hurt or in danger, the digimon can digivolve into a stronger one in order to protect his/her partner. A digimon cannot digivolve if it is hungry or tired.

Gennai~~An old man who is friends to all and helps the digidestined with their quest.

In-training~~A stage in a digimon's life when it learns it's first attack (Bubble-Blow). This digimon is usually not very strong.

Rookie~~A stage in a digimon's life when it learns a unique attack. It uses the digivice to digivolve to this stage.

Tags~~A pendent which holds, and works together with, the crests.

Vaccine~~A type of digimon which is of good nature. Therefore, battles against evil, or virus, digimon.

Virus~~A type of digimon which is bad and/or evil in nature.

Ultimate~~A stage in a digimon's life when it uses the Digivice and the Crest working together in order to digivolve to this level. This digimon is usually strong and powerful.

Mega~~A stage in a digimon's life when it uses the digivice to warp digivolve to the mega level.The digimon is super strong.

Dark Rings~~The devise the Digimon Emperor uses to control digimon.

Dark Spirals~~The devise the Digimon Emperor uses to control ultimate digimon.

Control Spire~~The devise that contols the digimon in an area. If destroyed, the digimon are free.

Destiny Stones~~The stones that control the balance in the Digital World.If destroyed the Digital World falls apart.

Armor Digivolve~~The form between rookie and champion.They are strong but have down sides.

D-3~~A new kind of digivice.It also helps digimon digivolve into armor.It is needed to digivolve in the first half of season 2.

D-Terminal~~The terminal that holds the digieggs and the digidestines can e-mail people in the digital world to the real world.

DNA~~The form when two digimon digivolve together.They are as strong as the next level.

If you want to know what a Digimon word means and if we don't have it email us at Soccertoad7@aol.com or AnimeJK@hotmail.com