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The story behind Season 2 and characters.

Three years have passed since the original eight DigiDestined kids defeated the evil forces that threatened the DigiWorld. Now T.K. and Kari must lead three new DigiDestined on a quest to conquer another dark force that puts both the DigiWorld and the real world in great danger. The kids lead secret double-lives, as they leave the real world and enter the DigiWorld each day after school. When the five young heroes first arrive in the DigiWorld, they are befriended by small creatures known as Digimon. Together with their Digimon, the kids must unveil the mystery behind the new villain and stop him before it's to late!


Name: Motomiya "DAVIS" Daisuke
Grade: 5
Age: 11
School: Odaiba Elementary
Digi-Eggs: Courage and Friendship
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: Davis is the new leader of the group. After Tai found out that Davis is the one of the new DigiDestined, Tai gave him his goggles as a gift. Davis has a crush on Kari, and gets a little jealous of T.K. because Kari seems to like T.K. more.
Digimon Partner: Chibomon-Fresh, DemiVeemon-In-Training,
Veemon-Rookie, Flamedramon-Armor (Courage), Raidramon-Armor
(Friendship),Magnamon-Armor (Miracles), ExVeemon-Champion, Plaidramon-Ultimate, Imperialdramon-Mega.

Name: Inoue "YOLEI" Miyako
Grade: 6
Age: 12
School: Odaiba Elementary
Digi-Eggs: Love and Sincerity
Hair Color: Light Purple
Eye Color: Red
Personality: Yolei goes to the same computer club Izzy used to be in. She's great at mechanical stuff. Yolei was VERY interested in the DigiWorld at first. But soon, the DigiWorld is not as simple as she thought.
Digimon Partner: Pururumon-Fresh, Poromon-In-Training,
Hawkmon-Rookie, Halsemon-Armor (Love), Shurimon-Armor
(Sincerity),Aquillamon-Champion, Slyphimon-Ultimate, Valkyrimon-

Name: Lori "CODY"
Grade: 3
Age: 9
School: Odaiba Elementary
Digi-Eggs: Knowledge and Reliability
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Personality: Cody's the youngest out of all the new DigiDestined. He has pretty much responsibility in the group. Cody studies Kendo with his grandfather and comes in use later on.
Digimon Partner: Tsubumon-Fresh, Upamon-In-Training,
Armadillomon-Rookie, Digmon-Armor (Knowledge), Submarimon-
Armor (Reliability),Ankylomon-champion,Shakkouamon-ultimate.

Name: Takeru "T.K." Takaishi
Grade: 5
Age: 11
School: Odaiba Elementary
Digi-Eggs: Hope
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: A DigiDestined in which was also in Season one. T.K. has grown up alot more, from when he was in Season one. Still living with his mother. T.K. seems to be a nice person, makes friends with others easily. People think that T.K. might like Kari.
Digimon Partner: Poyomon-Fresh, Tokomon-In-Training, Patamon-Rookie, Angemon- champion, Pegasusmon-Armor (Hope), MagnaAngemon-Ultimate, Seraphimon-Mega

Name: Hikari "KARI" Kamiya
Grade: 5
Age: 11
School: Odaiba Elementary
Digi-Eggs: Light
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Dark Red
Personality: Another DigiDestined in which was also in Season one. In this season she she's older and in place of her whistle, she now has a camera that she carries around to take pictures. She has a passion for taking pictures, and is snapping pictures everywhere in Season two. Also in Season two she is a practical joker, and loves to play tricks on the other DigiDestined.
Digimon Partner: Yukimipotamon-Fresh, Nyaromon-In-Training, Salamon-Rookie, Gatomon-Champion,Nefertimon-Armor (Light),Angewomon-ultimate, MagnaDramon-Mega

Name: Ken Ichjouji
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Blue
Description: The Digimon Emperor is a boy genious. He assumes that the digidestineds should be perfect like him. Ken plays soccer and is very good at it and even shaked Davis's hand because Davis was a worthy opponent. Later Ken gives up being the Digimon Emperor and tries to unite with the Digidestined. Davis was the only one at first who would forgive him. Will the other Digidestined forgive him?
Digimon Partner: Wormmon-Rookie, Stingmon(Champion), Dinobeemon/Paildramon(Ultimate), GrandKuwagamon (Mega)