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This Page Is Dedicated To Omnimon.


Techniques: Transendent Sword, Surpreme Cannon

Level: DNA Mega

Type: N/A

Evolutiuon: None

About: Omnimon is the DNA form of Metal Garurumon and War Greymon. He is awsome. His Transendent Sword attack is a sword the comes flying out of War Greymon's mouth on his left hand, it can cut through almost anything. It packs alot of damage. His Srupreme Cannon is a cannon that pops out of Metal Garurumon's mouth on his right hand. It shoots a big red fire ball and destorys a large area at once.


Four years after the Digi-Destined have returned to the real world following Apocalymon's defeat Izzy is puttering around his laptop and spots a virus on the Internet. To his surprise, when he calls it up the screen it's actually a red and white digi-egg! All over the world, the image of the egg is appearing on other computer screens as well. Before Izzy's startled eyes it hatches into a small gray Digimon with one bright orange eye. Alarmed, Izzy grabs the laptop and rushes out of his room.

As he runs across town to the Kamiya residence, Tai is typing up an apologetic e-mail to Sora. He signs "Love, Tai," then gets flustered and changes it to "From." Unfortunately for him, Kari runs into the room and peeks at the screen. Tai's arm nudges the keyboard and changes the word back. Before he can correct the problem, Kari sends the e-mail and rushes back out, heading to a friend's birthday party. Tai complains that she is going to read his letter then it says unable to deliver. Tai then complains that she is not going to read his letter.Tai then goes to raid the fridge. He complains because Kari is going to eat cake and he is not so his mother says," I will make you a cake son, hand me a egg please." Then there's someone at the door and, holding the egg from the fridge for his mom, he goes to answer it.

It's Izzy, out of breath and saying," That the egg has already hatched." Tai stares at the egg in his hand in confusion until Izzy says," Not that egg!" So Izzy pushes his way into the house. The two boys go to Tai's room and open Izzy's laptop, which shows the Baby virus. Then it digi-volves into a gray clawed foot with ears. From Baby to In-Training already!

This is getting serious. The little Digimon is actually eating data from around the Internet, making him incredibly strong and able to digi-volve so fast. He's also messing up computers all over the city with his scramble for food! Izzy and Tai shoot across the house to the computer room, where Izzy starts yanking equipment off the desk and putting it on the ground, interfacing his laptop with the computer despite Tai's objections. Finally everything's all set up and he switches on the laptop.

A new Digimon is on the screen, a small grayish Digimon with flat hands, long feelers, and big eyes. He's digi-volved again! The Rookie introduces himself as Keramon. With his usual perfect timing, an e-mail from none other than Gennai comes through to the two boys. And the eight Digi-Destined Digimon are with him! Tai and Izzy gladly greet their old friends as Gennai tells them he can upload Agumon and Tentomon to the Internet to stop the evil virus. Both boys agree.

Gennai reports that it will take a while to get set up, so Tai and Izzy head for the phone to try to get a hold of the other Digi-Destined. But Joe's taking a test, Kari can't leave the party, Matt and T.K. are visiting their old grandmother (she's a bit doddery and hangs up on Tai), and Mimi's on vacation in Hawaii! Tai asks Izzy to make the call to Sora, grudgingly admitting she's not talking to him. But Sora's very angry, and when Izzy explains to her mother she tells her to say she's not home. It looks like it's all up to Agumon and Tentomon.

As the bug and the little tyranno Digimon speed through the informational superhighways of the Internet (a long, colorful tunnel which they fly down) Tai and Izzy pop up in little windows above them to encourage their friends and give them a password so they can get online. The two Digimon emerge into a mostly white world with colorful wheel-like shapes on the "walls." (This is the physical representation of the Internet, I imagine.) Immediately they spot the grayish Rookie, Keramon, drawing in more Internet data in a long stream. He's so preoccupied Tentomon and Agumon can sneak up on him to attack him. Tentomon lets loose with a Super Shocker, which envelops the Digimon in blue electricity, but doesn't do much to slow him down. Neither does Agumon's Pepper Breath.

The boys instruct their Digimon to digi-volve. Hopefully their stronger forms will be able to stop this guy. But after Greymon and Kabuterimon make an appearance the evil virus is digi-volving too! He becomes Infermon, a large red and white spider-like thing with spiked legs. And this Digimon isn't a Champion. The virus managed to completely bypass his Champion stage and is now an Ultimate! Greymon and Kabuterimon are again unmatched. Just as they complete digi-volving once again Infermon blasts them with his own attack, Spider Shooter, and MetalGreymon and MegaKabuterimon are so badly injured they become Agumon and Tentomon once again. They need help!

All this time, kids of every nationality around the world are staring at computer screens, watching these strange creatures in battle. The e-mails start pouring in to Izzy's laptop. One is a puzzling note from a little blond boy named Willis, proclaiming how sorry he is and how it's all his fault. Izzy can't do much about the mess of e-mails and goes back to the battle. But Infermon has taken off! It seems he's everywhere at once, traveling the computers of the world as he searches for someone, and even sending his own e-mail to Izzy, which just repeats "Hello." again and again. He also takes over the phone company, making it impossible for anyone to make a call, and booting Izzy and Tai off the Internet!

Izzy runs out of the house, promising to return soon. Moping about and waiting for him to get back, Tai spots on television that the phone company has set up an emergency line that people can use and makes some desperate calls to the other Digi-Destined. Which is basically phone tag. When Izzy returns he explains that he got a satellite uplink so that they can hook up to the Internet without using phone lines.

Matt and T.K., meanwhile, have found out from their grandmother that Tai was trying to talk to them. They receive the message on voice mail that Tai left for them and send one of their own. The four boys go back and forth for a while, explaining the situation. Tai tells Matt and T.K. that they have to find a computer so Gabumon and Patamon can help battle Infermon! Their grandmother doesn't have one, so they hop a ride with a guy on a scooter to town, where they finally find a computer in a barbershop. Soon Gabumon and Patamon are zooming to help their friends.

The four Digimon catch up with Infermon, who has been exploring America through the Internet, and Agumon and Gabumon warp digi-volve to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. But the virus is digi-volving too! A black Mega level Digimon, Diaboromon, attacks Patamon and Tentomon before they can digi-volve, and they're knocked out of the battle. MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon charge.

Izzy's and Tai's eyes are glued to the screen. With the worst possible timing, the strange stuff Tai's mom has been making disagrees with Izzy and he has to stagger to the bathroom. (Tai doesn't refrain from telling him "I told you so.") While he's gone Tai, in frustration, slams the computer screen. It promptly crashes. Oops. Izzy returns, feeling much better . . . for a moment. As he scrambles to fix the crash he gives Tai a piece of his mind, finally booting it up in time to see. . . .

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon almost totally destroyed. And that isn't half of Diaboromon's tricks. A timer appears on the computer screen, along with another e-mail from the virus. "Who can count backwards from ten?" He has tapped into the Pentagon and activated two nuclear missiles! Willis e-mails Izzy again to say that one is heading to Colorado and the other to Japan! The timer is counting down. . . .

MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon slowly manage to move, but Diaboromon begins to copy himself until the white world of the Internet is drowning in his evil black form. The Digi-Destined Megas speed down another tunnel and finally find where the Diaboromon copies are nesting. They cover the walls, thousands upon thousands. And the only way to stop the timer is to delete the original virus! WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon can't possibly stand up against all these copies, which blast them with powerful attacks. Already weakened, they try to dodge the blasts. But something is slowing them down. Izzy realizes it's the e-mails that are again pouring into his laptop from around the world! Some are encouraging, some insulting. One person sending them is a familiar lavender-haired girl we come to know well. All the e-mails are slowing the processing speed of the good guys, and there's nothing Izzy can do!

The e-mails take their toll, as the copies of Diaboromon blast Tai's and Matt's Digimon again and again. When the dust finally clears, the megas float in the middle of the chamber, blackened and unmoving. . . . Tai reaches out to his Digimon in desperation, unable to stand the sight of his fallen friend. And when Tai's mother comes in to check on the boys, she's surprised to find that Tai is gone!

T.K. is likewise alone, and as he and Izzy (and the kids of the world) stare at their computers it becomes clear what happened. Somehow Tai and Matt, with the power of their friendship for their injured Digimon, were able to pass through their computer screens and into the Internet! The two boys encourage their Digimon to keep fighting, despite being surrounded by the thousands of evil virus copies. Tai tells WarGreymon to feel the strength of the kids around the world sending in e-mails. And something is happening . . . WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are digi-volving past their Mega levels!? YES! Using the power of the e-mails they fuse together into one supreme Digimon: Omnimon. With a huge gun as one hand and a large sword in the other (not to mention a Digi-Destined on each shoulder), he sets to work.

Omnimon's Supreme Cannon and Transcended Sword attacks wipe out the legions of Diaboromon copies without having to break a sweat. Soon only one is left. It's the original. But he's way too fast! Izzy, still sitting in Tai's apartment in front of the computer, is reminded of Willis' suggestion to slow him down. Of course! Izzy forwards the tons of e-mails he's been receiving to Diaboromon and says," You've got mail!" Now with his own processes slowed down he can only watch as Omnimon draws his massive sword and cleaves the evil Digimon in half. Connection terminated. The timer freezes, one second to go. The nuclear missiles crash harmlessly down into the ocean. The Iinternet is fixed, and an e-mail of apology finally gets tthrough to a girl who grins and mutters, "Stupid Tai." The world is saved. And Omnimon is the new hero and the coolest digimon ever!