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This is the Episode Guide for Season 3

1. The Birth of Guilmon! The Digimon I Created

Like most of the other boys his age, Takato loves digimon and has drawn his own digimon in his notebook. A blue card appeared and he scanned it into his card reader, and when he came back later it had transformed into a D-ark and was scanning all his pictures and stats of his digimon all by itself! There was an egg in his new D-ark and he later followed it to where it was going to hatch and Guilmon arrived from the egg!


2. I'm Your Friend, Terriermon Appears!

Takato at first is afraid of Guilmon, but that doesn't last for long. He hides Guilmon in a cardboard box and tells Guilmon to stay hidden in the box, but Guilmon in the box wanders off to Takato's school and encounters his principal! Later on, Takato realizes what all the excitement was about at his school- Guilmon!


3. Renamon vs Guilmon! Battle Is A Digimon's Life.

Takato is relieved to have found Guilmon again, but encounters Ruki and her digimon Renamon. They are relentless to fight Takato and Guilmon, but then Jenrya and Terriermon show up and temporarily stop the fight. Ruki thinks digimon exist only to fight, but not so to Jenrya and Takato.

4. The Tamer's Test! Defeat Gorimon!

While in a parking garage, Ruki and Renamon once again want to battle Takato and Guilmon. But Terriermon digivolves to Galgomon and his firing away bullets at random. Guilmon has to take Galgomon down in order to ensure the safety of everyone. Later on, a fog appears to Takato and Lee and follows them. The digimon in the fog is Gorimon and wants to fight Jenrya and Terriermon!


5. Culu, Culumon. Let's Play with Culumon.

Gorillamon is eventually defeated by Terriermon, and strange lines keep appearing on the school grounds. Some suspect Guilmon, but the real culprit is Culumon. Jenrya and Takato want to find the little digimon a partner, yet are unsuccessful in their attempts.


6. The Meaning of a Partner, Renamon Evolves.

Ruki hurries to a digital fog, but needs the help of Takato and Jenrya in order to defeat the digimon. All Ruki wants is for Renamon to evolve. That night a strange digimon who says he has no partner meets Ruki. The digimon was Impmon, but is he right about having no partner?

7. Guilmon's in Trouble. My adventure in the city.

Ruki and Renamon start to understand each other better now, and Renamon digivolves to Kyuubimon because of this. Guilmon disappears and the Tamers go in search of him. While searching they find a portal that leads into a strange dimension and are all of sudden floating. Takato sees Guilmon and rescues him right in the nick of time! The Tamers wonder who was behind all of this.


8. Guilmon evolves! The Great Battle in West Shinjuku.

Guilmon is now safe and Takato draws Growmon- Guilmon's Adult stage. Impmon sees Devidramon in a digital fog, and starts mocking him but on accident releases him from the fog. Guilmon and Takato show up to fight Devidramon. Devidramon is winning and has Guilmon up against a wall. The fight seems over until Takato's D-ark glows and Guilmon evolves to Growmon. Growmon with no problem defeats Devidramon.


9. Turn Back into Guilmon. The Growmon Riot.

Takato is happy that Guilmon evolved, but he won't be able to hide him as easily since he is so huge. They try to find a way for Growmon to devolve, but nothing works. A rainbow appears and he miraculously reverts back to Guilmon.

10. Renamon's my friend. Ruki's Confusion

Ruki questions her relationship with her partner, and with anger she snaps at Renamon. Renamon leaves unsure of it all and Ruki is alone and vulnerable. IceDevimon kidnaps Ruki and wants her to be his partner because he is powerful. Ruki is in trouble and wonders if Renamon will come to help her. Renamon does come, so does her friends, and IceDevimon is defeated by Guilmon.


11. Shinjuku Bridge, the 1.5 Minute Battle

A digital field appears, and a "yuggoth" is released by Yamaki. This causes the digimon in the field to disappear. Jenrya refuses to let Terriermon fight, but later does and Musyamon is beaten.


12. Ruki and Renamon, the Crisis of the Bond

Yamaki, who runs H.Y.P.N.O.S, tells Takato and Jenrya to quit playing dangerously. Renamon and Ruki are still a little at odds, and Renamon wants to prove herself to Ruki.

13. Order to Capture the Digimon! A Sinister Foreboding

One evening, Takato and Guilmon were fight a mean digimon, DarkLizamon. Right before he his defeated a spotlight is shined on Takato and Guilmon, and Yamaki shows up to again stop playing dangerously. Darklizamon is captured and is "studied" back at H.Y.P.N.O.S., but is deleted in the process. Yamaki and his superiors agree to get rid of the digimon infestation once and for all. With "Juggernaut."


14. Stand Up Tamer! Megalo Growmon Super Evolve

A new digimon appears- Mihiramon. Kyuubimon and Galgomon are easily defeated by this Perfect level digimon. Growmon is next and keeps getting pounded by Mihiramon, but Takato and Growmon do not give. A blue card appears and Growmon Matrix digivolves to Megalogrowmon and defeats Mihiramon.


15. A Huge Snake Appears! Panic on the Oedo Line

While Takato and his friends are off playing, Ruki encounters Santiramon in the subway. Jenrya and Terriermon come to help, but Kyuubimon and Galgomon don't even scratch the Perfect level digimon. Takato and Guilmon show up, and Guilmon evolves to Growmon and defeats Santiramon.

16. Protect the City Lights! The Digimon's Dangerous Camp

Takato, Jenrya, and their classmates go on a camping trip. They secretly bring along Guilmon and Terriermon; Culumon tags along too. A new Deva arrives too, Shinduramon, who is a Perfect level digimon that absorbs electricity and grows in size is in the woods at the camping grounds. Guilmon and Terriermon are no match for Shinduramon, but they digivolve to Growmon and Galgomon and defeat Shinduramon by knocking him in the river.


17. The Hunt for the Blue Card! Lightning Fast Rapidmon

While Jenrya was playing the card game, a blue card appeared. Takato and Lee want to find the secret behind the blue card. They talk to some guy and find out that the blue cards are showing up more frequently. Jenrya also discovers that his father was on of the first scientists who created "artificial life forms", or digimon. A new pair of Devas arrive- Vajiramon and Pajiramon. They show up in the middle of town and start eating electronic devices. Galgomon cannot defeat them, but with the use of the blue he matrix digivolves to Rapidmon and easily defeats Pajiramon and thought to have defeated Vajiramon but he reconfigures somewhere else and later has a talk with Renamon.


18. Beautiful Evolution! Taomon Dances in the Moonlight

Ruki's mother is a famous model, and she wants Ruki to follow in her footsteps. But Ruki ain't havin it, and she runs of out the studio during a photoshoot. Renamon and Vajiramon finish their discussion that started in the previous episode. Renamon refuses Vajiramon's offer to join the Devas and serve the "Sovereign." Kyuubimon battles Vajiramon, but cannot defeat him until she matrix digivolves to Taomon and has no problem defeating this Deva.

19. I Want to Get Stronger! Impmon's Upward Crawl

Culumon likes to be around humans, and this upsets Impmon. So, Impmon decides to cause some "chaos" of his own. He shoots afireball at a girl that's near Culumon. Impmon is think he's big and bad and jump into a digital field looking for a fight. But he finds the newest Deva, Indaramon. Indaramon tells Impmon that he once had a Tamer, and that his Tamer betrayed him. This really ticks Impmon off, but then Renamon and Ruki show up. Impmon starts to attack Indaramon, but doesn't stand a chance against him. Impmon is almost deleted from the fight, but Indaramon leaves.


20. This Is Our Trump Card! The Blue Card of Friendship

Indaramon shows up in the city again, and none of the Tamers' digimon can stand up to him. Hirokazu made a blue card and hands it to Takato. He card slashes the blue card, Culumon's forehead begins to glow, and Growmon evolves to Megalogrowmon. Indaramon is defeated by Megalogrowmon.


21. Juri's Partner!? My Leomon

Juri wants to learn how to be a Tamer and has Ruki show her some methods. But while doing this, Leomon appears and Juri thinks her and Leomon are destined to be partners. She chases him for quite awhile, but he managed to get away. A Deva shows up- Kunbiramon. The Deva starts attack to Juri and her friends. Then Leomon comes to Juri's rescue and along with Galgomon and they defeat Kunbiramon.

22. Vikararamon Appears! Protect Our Town

Something makes the ground rumble. Then Guilmon senses a digimon. All of a sudden a digital fog rushes in and consumes the entire apartment building. It's the new Deva- Vikararamon. A huge, pig digimon who is destroying all that's in his way. Yamaki decides to start the Shaggai program, but Jenrya's father says it might endanger the children. The battle continues...


23. All Digimon Sally Forth! Proceed Towards the Wind

Shaggai is beginning and Vikararamon cannot be defeated by the likes of Taomon, Rapidmon, and Megalogrowmon! Something is causing interference with the Shaggai system, and a burst of energy strikes Vikararamon. The Deva is still winning, but Takato and Megalogrowmon have it both in their hearts to defeat the pig Deva. Megalogrowmon pushes on and defeats Vikararamon. Juri receives a D-ark, and her and Leomon finally become partners.A mysterious boy that the Tamers have been seeing shows up again. They demand to know what he wants, but it is really another Deva- Makuramon! He steals Culumon and goes back to the digital world. Leomon tries to stop him, but a huge figure in the darkness attacks Leomon and thwarts his rescue attempt.


24. To the Digital World... The Day of Departure

All of their Tamers along with Hiokazu and Kenta decide that they need to travel to the Digital World and rescue Culumon. They introduce their digimon to their parents, say their goodbyes, and get up early the next morning to make the journey.

25. Break Into the Digital World! Good-bye Our Town

The Tamers enter the portal and arrive in the Digital World. Meramon arrives and talk with him about what's been goin on and ask if he's seen Makuramon with Culumon. Meramon said he's seen Makuramon, but not Culumon. They see what they think to be a town, but is nothing more than rocks. Takato decides to put a flag there. The Tamers keep moving and searching. They stumble upon some Jagamon who really look just like rocks. They hurry up and get out of the way of the stampede of Jagamon, but Meramon tried to attack but was deleted by the herd. Can they escape the Jagamon? What is this data stream? And could this really be the Digital World


26. Small World! Jijimon and Babamon in the Valley of the Strong Winds

Ruki, Hirokazu, and Kenta ran from a data stream, and seek shelter in a nearby house. The house belongs o the married digimon, Jijimon and Babamon. They find three tamers and a digimon at their door. They want to repair the wall, which was broken by the wind. Hirokazu and Kenta ask Jijimon and Babamon if they could be their digimon. But somehow the roles got reversed and Hirokazu and Kenta pretend to be Digimon and fight each other in front of the couple.


27. Impmon Evolves! The Terrible Demon Lord Beelzebumon

Takato and his group look far and wide for Ruki and the others. They figure they ended up somewhere else. Takato and their group arrive at the Tsuchidarumon's village. The village becomes rough and tire tracks weave through the ground. An huge motorcycle appears before them and it attacks Takato. But the motorcycle is unmanned. The Tamers are taken in by the Tsuchidarumonin and tell them about a contract. The contract was to Impmon. The Devas would make him digivolve only if he would defeat Guilmon. The Tamers believe they have finally found a friend at the village, but then, suddenly Beelzebumon appears on the motorcycle!

28. Friend or Foe? Akiyama Ryou, the Legendary Tamer

Wanting to meet where the flag stands, Renamon and Ruki go off and are followed by Hirokazu and Kenta. Takato wonders if Ruki will wait by their flag. Guilmon could still smell Renamon. Ruki, Hirokazu and Kenta were thrown through a pillar of light to the world of gears. A clock is before them. Ruki plays with the gears and hands. When Ruki accidentally touches one of the hands, it starts to move! The digimon trapped inside continue to plea in a desperate voice. The clock was really a seal! The seal is broken and Megadramon reveals himself. Megadramon attacks and Renamon digivolves into Kyuubimon, but she cannot overcome the digimon. Just at the right time, Ryou shows up with Cyberdramon and defeats Megadramon with no problem.


29. This is the Ghost Castle! Lost Culumon's Great Escape

Ruki and Renamon, after wondering off, are still in the world of the gears. Takato and the others are in the world of the monotone. The group spends the night at a castle that Ryou is familiar with. The next day they leave the castle and go in search of Ruki and Renamon, but find Makuramon riding Majiramon. Cyberdramon picks a fight with Majiramon, but cannot defeat him until Ryou uses the "Goliath" card and makes Cyberdramon grow to Majiramon's size and deletes him.


30. An Urgent Message from the Digital World, Culumon Is...

Takato, who has been separated from Ruki and the others, goes to where the flag stands. But, the flag is not there. A pillar of light shines as Takato watches. The light rages. It's is mail from the Yamamoto personal computer in the real world. Takato follows it to where the mail reaches the digital world. Ruki and Renamon are apart. Ruki is trapped in a rapid current. A tree branch is presented to Ruki and Culumon comes to her aid. Guilmon smells Culumon near-by, and Ruki meets up with Renamon again. Unfortunately, they do not realize the methods they must use to return to their world. Kyuubimon figures out that Beezlebumon is really Impmon. In the real world, Shagai does not stop. Yamaki and Riley do what they can. Meanwhile, Takato escapes the sandstorm and Taomon improves their odds. Taomon manages to stop the Shaggai, but they become separated again.

31. My Friendship with Guardromon! I'll Fight, too, Tamer Hirokazu

Takato is separated from Guilmon and the others. Ruki, Renamon and the others find themselves in front of Andromon. The Gekomon were trying to fix him. The Gekomon carried the offering to Orochimon. As for the offering, it is said that the more a person drinks, the more powerful that person becomes. Meanwhile, Hirokazu was encouraged to help Guardromon, and Hirokazu becomes Guardromon's Tamer.


32. The Mystery of Guilmon's Birth! The Mysterious Water Space

Takato is in a strange place, where his eyes black out under the blue sky. He cannot escape very easily. Takato receives mail from Yamaki. Yamaki wishes him good luck. Yamaki goes before the Tamers parents. During the meeting, Yamaki gets mail from Takato. Meanwhile, Takato finds that something is odd about the water. It's moving, and it's not wet! Takato discovers that this as an exit, and goes through it. He finds himself at the outer space of water. A mysterious dance There's a room, which seems to have a giant D-ark in the center of it. A strange man appears. The man is Shibumi.


33. Where Is Terriermon? Shuichon Goes to the Digital World

When Terriermon is not around, Shuichon feels lonesome. When she's playing in the park, a digital field opens. She sees a big rabbit-like digimon in front of her. Meanwhile, Takato and the others move through the world of water while in a boat. Terriermon hears a voice that sounds like Shuichon's. She is on the slide in the park. However, the digital field appear where she is. In the field, Shuichon sees the boat that Terriermon is on!

34. The Hero that came kindly- the hero Leomon dies

Takato believes that Culumon is in the area of the four Holy digimon. Takato wants to travel there, but Jenrya is worried about his little sister- Shuichon. When he is reluctant, he hears the roar of an engine. It is Beelzebumon. In exchange for the ability to digivolve to Ultimate and become Beelzebumon, Impmon promised the Devas that he would destroy Guilmon. Beelzebumon attacks and Guilmon evolves to Growmon. Takato screams at Growmon. A pillar of light appears before them. The attacks of Kyuubimon and Galgomon don't have the effect they wanted. Leomon tried to grab Beelzebumon, but is stabbed. Beelzebumon has cold-heartedly attacked Leomon right through his torso and killed him.


35. Ultimate Evolution- Dukemon

Megalogrowmon evolved to his Dark Ultimate form- Megidramon. But he is not the friendly digimon Takato imagined. Takato's anger over the death of Leomon made Megalogrowmon Dark Digivolve into this wild digimon. Takato is afraid when he cannot reach his partner. Beelzebumon is surprised at how powerful Megidramon is. Beelzebumon tried to escape, but Megidramon doesn't let him get away. During the heat of battle Beelzebumon killed Makuramon and absorbed his data to become more powerful in order to defeat Megidramon.


36. The Decisive Battle- Dukemon vs Beelzebumon

The true Ultimate form of Guilmon has arrived. Takato and Dukemon become unified. The rumble between these Beelzebumon and Dukemon begins. The power of these Ultimates is enough to make the digital world to shake. In the meantime, Zhuqiaomon orders Chatsuramon to battle. The others watch as the fight rages on. Shuichon starts to cry because of it. Within a beam of light, a D-ark appears in her hand. Shuichon is a Tamer, and Antylamon devolved back into Lopmon and became her partner.

37. Battle with Zhuqiaomon! Saint Galgomon Ultimate evolution

Takato and the other Tamers are now at gate of the Four Heavenly Beasts' palace. When a a mind with fright in it was felt, Zhuqiaomon appeared! All the Tamers thought Zhuqiaomon was just too big to battle against him. Takato and the others attacked but the Zhuqiaomon didn't move at all! Every single digimon was blown away with one of Zhuqiaomon's attacks!


38. The real enemy begins to move! 4 holy beasts fight!

Saintgalgomons attacks are barely damaging Zhuqiaomon. By the immortal looks of Zhuqiaomon they have nothing to say, now the tamers has no other way but to fight. With Saintgalgomon they try to attack, but the Tamers can are having a hard time defending themselves against Zhuqiaomon. Just before they think there's no other way, thick clouds appear in the sky, and thunder came down like a spear! All of a sudden Qinglongmon showed up and stopped the fight.


39. Dances and disappears Ultimate's Flower Sakuyamon evolve.

The true enemy is the one who tries to delete digimon which is a program, D-Reaper. The dust pocket is deleting Digimon after Digimon. Which made the 4 Holy Beasts more powerful. On the other hand Juri drowns in sadness. Juri's sadness of losing Leomon will not go away easily. It worried Takato and the others how to fight against this enemy. The D-Reaper came to the digital world to find the power of bringing evolution. The source of this power is Culumon. The Tamers must hurry and rescue Culumon from D-Reaper. Someone has come their way riding on a Digimon. It was Ryou which who was on Cyberdramon

40. Shining Evolution, Release of Culumon

Beelzebumon has stumbled upon group of Kurisarimon. Beelzebumon has now lost his fighting spirit and doesn't want to fight the Digimon. but the Kurisarimon crawl all over him and Culumon digivolves the Kurisarimon to Diablomon. Beelzebumon gets the crap beat out him and reverts back to Impmon. Ruka and Kyuubimon hear Impmon yelling and they see his scarf fly right by them. They find Impmon and tie his scarf back on him. Culumon digivolves a lot of Digimon to their Ultimate levels. The four holy beasts and the wild Ultimate Digimon prepare to battle D-Reaper, while the Tamers, Ryou, and Impmon head back to the real world with their Digimon. Supposedly Juri and her puppet get possessed by D-Reaper.


41. Back to the Real World

Kenta receives Marine Angemon as a partner and Cyberdramon devolves back into Monodramon. The Tamers travel back to the real world with the help of the Ark's AI. They meet up with their parents and leave Shinjuku, but only Juri's parents do not arrive. Takato kindly escorts Jeri to her parents in Matsumoto.


42. A City attacked by D Reaper

The D-Reaper program shows up in Shinjuku, and knowing they are need to protect the real world, Takato, Jenrya, and Ruki go to Shinjuku to stop D-Reaper.

43. Connecting Mind: Revival of Beelzebumon

The Self-Defense Forces firearms have no effect on D-Reaper. Shinjuku is encroached by D-Reaper zone. Guilmon and the other digimon evolve, but they cannot damage it. Inversely, D-Reaper has learned to initiate their attacks as its own and counterattacks. During the battle, Impmon has found a note left behind by his former Tamers, Ai and Makoto, and gets reaquainted with them. Impmon is now able again to evolve to Beelzemon. A gun that Impmon has fuses with him and Beelzebumon becomes Beelzebumon Blast Mode.


44. The Girl in Black

Juri has disappeared from Matsumoto, but is found byT akato finds at Shinjuku. Only Takato can see her form. A girl tries to send the digital world's power to Takato and others, but is attacked by D-Reaper. A "gothic" girl shows up and brings Dobermon to the Tamers. Dobermon is the Digital Glide which allows the Tamer digimon to reach Ultimate in the real world. D-Reaper's forces show up and the battle is under way.


45. D Reaper breaks into the zone

Takato and the Tamers can now reach Ultimate once again, thanks to Dobermon. Ultimate evolution was accomplished for each thought in the real world! Dukemon and the others have been fighting D-Reaper's army. ADR-05, a huge beetle-like beast showed up and is battling the Tamers. Dukemon has been captured by the D-Reaper!

46. Bracing Ultimate Fighter Justimon appear!

Juri was trapped by D-Reaper and has been used by D-Reaper for analyzing human data. Culmon and Impmon look for and find the real Juri in the shining sphere located in the D-Reaper zone at the highest part of the Metropolitan Government Office. Juri does not response Culmon's call.


47. Save Dukemon! Grani Scramble

Juri thought of a nightmare with fate. Her mother had died, and Leomon's death made her even more troubled. All things cannot escape fate... Yamaki and the Wild Bunch need to upgrade the Arc in a hurry. If this it is completed, the D-Reaper will surely be defeated!A power-upped Grani is named ARMS-Grani. Grani is Dukemon's dragon vehicle. The core of a D-Reaper is in the Metropolitan Government Office! But in the core, a dying Beelzebmon, and Juri were needed! Juri's father comes back to take her back.


48. The Power of saving Juri. Beelzebumon's Fist

In order to rescue Juri, Beelzebumon puts his fist into the kernel sphere. Juri begins to regain consciousness by Beelzebumon's cry.